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The White Tiger 19th Sep, 2020

A short story by Allan Finnie

Create Online! 19th Sep, 2020
Help Support Create Aberdeen 19th Sep, 2020

Please consider making a donation to Create Aberdeen to help us maintain our vital services throughout the Covid crisis! The link to our fundraising campaign

We really appreciate any donation that you can make!

Margaret’s Hippy Birthday Fundraiser 20th May, 2020
Please consider making a donation to Margaret’s fundraiser for Create Aberdeen and Ehlers-Danlos Support UK

Zoom Activities 20th May, 2020
Community Champion- Greg Brands 1st May, 2020
SCLD Awards Pic Peter Devlin






Aberdeen Impact Award Winners!

One of Create’s Trustees Lynda Hunter was honoured on Saturday to win the Active Citizen Award at the Third Sector Volunteer Fayre,  recognition and thanks for all her very hard work volunteering for many years. Create also won the Visitors’ Favourite Award on the day, and our Rock Choir rocked the crowd with their covers of Love Me Do, Stand By Me and One Love!